Upenyu: Natasha’s Genesis Presented by bitnifty

3 min readSep 19, 2021

Natasha x bitnifty

Finding hidden beauties is a privilege many of us don’t experience often. Outstanding examples of beauty are common in the eyes of many beholders, but others that hide beneath the surface are truly unique, with the beauty shaped by the perspective of the keen eye that finds it. Natasha Kudita is a Zimbabwean artist with an eye for catching these subtle treasures, shaping her own unique perspective that captures these insights in her artwork.

Natasha loves abstraction for the depth it can add. In her own words, “abstraction allows people to see things for more than what they are.” She employs this method masterfully, elevating scenes and experiences to allow more people to connect with them. Her art is based on real events that are then abstracted enough for anyone to appreciate.

Natasha’s passion for art started with a seed planted in junior school. Her education began guided and structured but as she grew her curriculum became more liberating, allowing her to create art within a multitude of mediums. From painting to sculpting to print-making and photography, Natasha found happiness in these expressions leading to skill and fresh ideas in each form she attempted. Now in her final year of a fine arts degree, her foundation has been firmly established.

“Abstraction allows people to see things for more than what they are.”

Upenyu I: Natasha x bitnifty

There are two main crafts Natasha favors: painting and photography, but for different purposes. Painting allows abstraction which enables Natasha to couple personal experience with objective reality, whereas photography better enables her to document the Zimbabwean heritage she holds so dearly. In both circumstances, Natasha classifies her genre as Contemporary African Art; not conforming to expectations of it but re-defining it with her unique outlook.

An entrepreneur as well as artist and student, Natasha has a startup named Fine Art by Tash that she’s been running since the pandemic started, selling art business and seeing notable success. Her paintings are available for anyone to purchase, but her process when an order is placed is truly outstanding. Instead of simply printing each painting and selling it, Natasha takes things to another level by painstakingly recreating each painting every time it is bought. Within 3 weeks of the order being placed, Natasha gathers the supplies, re-creates the painting in any of the various sizes requested, and has the artwork delivered anywhere in the world.

Upenyu II: Natasha x bitnifty

Despite Natasha’s massive potential and her living in South Africa, as a Zimbabwean she is precluded from being able to buy cryptocurrency. She has tried to overcome these restrictions but there is no way to do so. Crypto should not be available to some but not all; none of us should be excluded from the potential it offers. Nonetheless, Zimbabwe is one of the countries that faces this dilemma very firmly.

bitnifty is honored to present two of Natasha’s paintings, together titled Upenyu, which means “the essence of life” in Shona. These are the first pieces being released by bitnifty as multiple editions as an homage to the incredible process Natasha undertakes by recreating her paintings every time someone buys them. It is our purpose and privilege to enable artists such as Natasha to enter the NFT community, and we firmly believe Natasha will find it a fantastic home!

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