Subliminal Calligraphy

2 min readMay 12, 2021
Subliminal Calligraphy I by 3rfeen

3rfeen x bitnifty

Calligraphy is a fine, often forgotten art that has been passed down for centuries. It involves painting words with the same beauty their meaning carries. Ahmed “3rfeen” Arfeen is a master and innovator of this form, practicing the art with attention to every detail as is tradition, while adapting the form to new styles as has never been done before.

Ahmed is from Egypt, a land of perennial beauty and ancient history. It is a place where art forms have been crafted for millennia, molded and made by their various masters with remnants too beautiful for time to take. One of these preserved marvels is the art of calligraphy that Ahmed gleaned from his father, a calligrapher by trade.

The practice is meticulous, with the width of each stroke weaving details into a story. It is a marvel that Ahmed does not lose the forest for the trees, as any admirer might be liable to do. It is under even more incredible circumstances that these calligraphic creations start to come to life.

Subliminal Calligraphy II by 3rfeen

“Drawing a feeling freezes it.”

All of Ahmed’s art comes from the soul, capturing deep feeling in each piece and making it timeless. He realized that visual art is more universal, explaining vividly what words only attempt to. As his creations embodied this belief, the scripture of his calligraphy has come closer akin to forgotten languages that are the root of so many today, their meanings lost while their beauty remains ever timeless. Perhaps this is why the allure is so unique, seeming as something at home in our shared subconscious.

Subliminal Calligraphy III by 3rfeen

We are extremely excited to bring you three prime examples of Ahmed’s calligraphy art, pioneered for the digital age; an ancient art with a breath of fresh life. The three pieces form the collection, Subliminal Calligraphy.

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