Run: Tasty Machine’s Genesis

3 min readJul 7, 2021

Tasty Machine x bitnifty

Many of us live our lives chained by circumstance. For millions, those circumstances include corruption and hyperinflation, chains that are particularly heavy and restrictive. To break free from such chains is a remarkable feat, a blood-pumping thrill. Mahmoud El Sammak encapsulates this perfectly in his genesis NFT titled “Run.” Serving as his genesis piece, it is also his vehicle to escape the hyperinflation, corruption, and the restrictions on crypto that prevent him from making NFTs as a Lebanese artist.

Mahmoud El Sammak, also known as Tasty Machine, has been an artist since birth. His creativity has manifested in doodles and drawings that became grand plans for buildings as he pursued his artistic passions in the field of Architecture. He’s always had an appreciation for beauty, true beauty. He wants to bring more of it to the world, and has a true talent for doing it.

Mahmoud lives in Lebanon, a land of magnificent landscapes and incredible people, all of which are grossly repressed by those in power. Politicians have printed money for decades, generating unsustainable returns that served only to inflate their own pockets and those of rich investors. The Lebanese people have suffered the consequences for years. The consequences now grow so dire that they cannot be escaped by the rich or the poor, powerful or not.

Photo Credit: Tasty Machine

The Lebanese currency has devalued by over 1000% since October 2019. People who had money in the bank have seen it lose 90% of its value in the past two years. Lines at gas stations are often in excess of hundreds of cars. Blackouts are increasingly common, even in critical areas like hospitals leading to failures in ventilation systems and the death of a child due to lack of oxygen.

In a further blow to the Lebanese people, banks have imposed limits that prevent them from buying cryptocurrency assets that would keep their money safe. Any attempts to do so would result in all a bank-holder’s funds being instantly frozen. These have been Mahmoud’s and millions of Lebanese artist’s circumstances for years.

““It’s from being repressed that we’re so creative”

Photo Credit: Tasty Machine

Despite these facts, Mahmoud’s passion and energy deserves a place in the NFT community. It is bitnifty’s directive to help Mahmoud safely enter the space by assuming all risk and minting his genesis piece, Run, and paying him the proceeds in crypto. This will allow Mahmoud to use this collaboration as a launchpad to help him access the decentralized internet.

We are proud to pave the road that brings Mahmoud into our fold. His work is emblematic of the beauty present in Lebanon. Your support ensures the chains also present there do not apply to him. Your support has the power to change circumstances, and bring a remarkable artist of great passion into the greatest community in the world. We thank you deeply in advance for it.

Check out Run by Tasty Machine below:

Photo Credit: Tasty Machine

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