Her Grace: Tata’s Genesis

3 min readOct 23, 2021
Her Grace I

Tata x bitnifty

It has been said that all works of art are embodiments of the creator’s soul. Creatives pour their passions into molds that are ever-changing, evolving perpetually with the artist’s perspective. Art can then be seen as a craft of capturing those outlooks in a process of self-discovery, which is how Tatenda “Tata” Diura describes it. Tata’s work personifies some of her most admirable traits, including sincerity, sympathy, and sophistication, conveyed on digital canvases with watercolor.

Tata has been an artist for as long as she’s been appreciating art, standing in awe of her Auntie Senzeni Bhurakwacha’s watercolor paintings as a child. So amazed with the beauty her Auntie created, Tata would sneak around her studio attempting the same grand creations that her Auntie was known for. Sadly, she passed away before Tata could learn from her, and so she resolved to teach herself. Tata manifested watercolor into the virtual medium, bringing the art her Auntie inspired into modernity digitally, and into posterity as NFTs.

Creation is an act of catharsis for Tata, a process of releasing emotions onto a canvas. Her skill has grown as she’s depended on her artwork to help her understand the world around her. Years later, she still considers herself a student and satisfies her curiosity by trying new things with her art. This uniqueness is dear to Tata; as she puts it, “If we were all the same, we wouldn’t be interesting.” Her advice to new artists it to be different.

Her Grace II

Tata also works at a nonprofit in South Sudan, aiding women facing all forms abuse and helping them find safety. Specifically, Tata works to help these women access housing and skilled training to allow them to generate their own incomes and become fully independent. She also works in distributing much-needed “dignity kits” with supplies for women. Her work is immensely needed and entirely selfless, with the conditions in South Sudan being among the harshest worldwide.

Tata supports women with her daily work, filling a gap in the lives of many. Constantly working to help women in need, Tata’s perspective has been shaped by this service into one of even greater appreciation. Coupled with her well-honed skill with watercolor, her artwork is refined and varied, but three of of her pieces share beautiful women as a theme. Together, they form a magnificent collection which we’ve titled “Her Grace.”

Her Grace III

Being Zimbabwean places barriers on Tata preventing her from minting her work. Bitnifty is in Tata’s service, working to kickstart her NFT career by minting Her Grace and paying her 80% of the proceeds. 10% will go towards buying a community artist’s first NFT, and 10% will be kept by bitnifty to cover costs. Tata intends to use the Ether to launch her own career in the NFT space. We kindly ask you to join us in making her welcome as warm as possible.

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