Genesis: Trapped in Semblance

2 min readApr 23, 2021
Trapped in Semblance: Cynthia x bitnifty

Cynthia x bitnifty

Planning an artistic approach is often creative, but improvising an approach takes both creativity and courage. To begin a journey without knowing the destination is no easy feat, but it makes the journey a process of discovery. This is the creative process of Cynthia Tannouri, a Lebanese Brazilian artist and the creator of “Trapped in Semblance.”

A student of architecture and philosophy, Cynthia is a very deep thinker. The nature of her studies forces her to consider perspectives very carefully, be it practically in design or hypothetically in thought. Her passion for architecture comes from the creativity it allows, down to the smallest detail. When planning for architecture, much of the creativity is in how to work within limitations. All limitations are thrown away, however, when an opportunity for pure self-expression comes along.

“A window frames a view and replaces a painting”

Creating with no guard-rails or end-goal is a very strange thing; it’s a process of giving a voice to your subconscious. It allows the emotions and ideas we normally keep pent up to manifest in beautiful ways. When creating art, fluid thoughts can release hard feelings.

The “Trapped in Semblance” piece was created in this spirit. What we see is not the intended result since no result was originally intended. Instead, each of us sees a reflection of ourselves in the meaning we try to assign to the piece. The only meaning ascribed to the piece by Cynthia is its title, “Trapped in Semblance.”

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