bitnifty’s Purpose

2 min readApr 14, 2021
Art made by a bitnifty artist

How easy is it to make an NFT?

Sadly, the answer depends on where you’re from.

If you live in a country with a healthy economy, you’re in luck! The process is as easy as getting an account with a crypto exchange and a marketplace.

If, on the other hand, you live in a country where leaders have failed and inflation has run rampant, then you may not be able to buy crypto at all. Devalued currencies and limits imposed by banks prevent many from buying the crypto they need to sell their work online. There’s no way for those many millions to participate.

That’s why we created bitnifty. We realized we can help.

We will pay the fees to mint (i.e. create) NFT’s for artists that want to work with us. We’ll strategically promote these pieces and give them placement on our website For our services, we’ll ask for 15%, half of which goes to the bitnifty Commission Pool

The bitnifty Commission Pool will be used to commission art by artists living in harsh conditions. We’ll sponsor struggling artists around the world and pay them to create a few pieces of art. Then we’ll make their work into a collection of NFT’s, pay them the proceeds with the same fee structure, and give them access to the same opportunities. All of the art we sell goes towards having a positive impact.

Our cornerstone is increasing access to the opportunity provided by NFT’s for everyone.

Another way we can help each other is by being part of a supportive community with a safe space to ask questions and share art and feedback. We can share knowledge given all our different experiences and ensure that anyone creating an NFT doesn’t need to feel like they’re alone.

This is the spirit we built the bitnifty Discord server in, and we hope you’ll consider joining. All artists and art enthusiasts welcome.

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bitnifty removes the barriers between traditional art and NFTs — the art of the future. Join the dawn of the Digital Renaissance!