Art made by a bitnifty artist

How easy is it to make an NFT?

Sadly, the answer depends on where you’re from.

If you live in a country with a healthy economy, you’re in luck! The process is as easy as getting an account with a crypto exchange and a marketplace.

If, on the other hand, you live in a country where leaders have…

Trapped in Semblance by Cynthia Tannouri


For the past 8 months, bitnifty has worked to offer as much value as possible to the artists we collaborate with. In our effort to offer this maximum value, we have priced works in a way we believe representative of the creativity and effort artists have put into these pieces…

Her Grace I

Tata x bitnifty

It has been said that all works of art are embodiments of the creator’s soul. Creatives pour their passions into molds that are ever-changing, evolving perpetually with the artist’s perspective. Art can then be seen as a craft of capturing those outlooks in a process of self-discovery, which is how…

One of our core values is transparency, and continuing in that spirit we wanted to explain the changes we’ve decided to make in our fee structure. We created bitnifty with the intention to help artists first and foremost, and that has been an honor we have proudly undertaken over the…

Beauty’s Triumph I: Shehab x bitnifty

Shehab x bitnifty

Jerusalem has endured countless scars over the millennia, but its beauty has endlessly continued its triumph. How it has maintained its remarkable nature is a miracle worth contemplating; that it still stands and shines proves that it is eternal. Beheld by billions that have visited, Jerusalem’s beauty has only been…

Tasty Machine x bitnifty

Many of us live our lives chained by circumstance. For millions, those circumstances include corruption and hyperinflation, chains that are particularly heavy and restrictive. To break free from such chains is a remarkable feat, a blood-pumping thrill. Mahmoud El Sammak encapsulates this perfectly in his genesis NFT titled “Run.” …

Trapped in Semblance: Cynthia x bitnifty

Cynthia x bitnifty

Planning an artistic approach is often creative, but improvising an approach takes both creativity and courage. To begin a journey without knowing the destination is no easy feat, but it makes the journey a process of discovery. …


bitnifty removes the barriers between traditional art and NFTs — the art of the future. Join the dawn of the Digital Renaissance!

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